About Us

Bright Chapters is an organization that is passionate about raising and promoting awareness on mental health and mental health-related issues. Bright Chapters is dedicated and committed to helping individuals and other organizations to access the prerequisite information, tools and support that encourage open dialogue on mental health challenges. It is the goal of Bright Chapters to improve services and service delivery that diminish the societal stigma surrounding mental health in the Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic community. At Bright Chapters, we encourage an atmosphere that eases clients into opening up about their mental health. As the saying goes “a problem shared is a problem halved”. So, at Bright Chapters, we believe that many people can be freer if only the barriers that encourage reticence due to mental health challenges can be broken. VISION To help individuals realize that it is ok to speak about their mental health without shame. MISSION To aid the liberation of affected people from the stigmatization associated with mental health challenges through mental health awareness. OUR CORE VALUES OUR GOALS Donate Today Contact us
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